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We think aluminum is a miracle metal. And we like to think of Aleris as a miracle worker, which is what we strive to be for the people and companies depending on us. What’s so special about aluminum? Aluminum is strong, lightweight, durable, flexible, extremely versatile, impermeable, corrosion resistant, an excellent conductor of electricity, non magnetic, non combustible, an abundant element in the earth’s crust and infinitely recyclable. Aluminum has unlimited potential to be part of the solutions that help society progress. Our job at Aleris is to help achieve those solutions in partnership with our employees, customers and investors. What makes us special is the quality, customization, culture and creativity we bring to the table. It’s all about enabling the freedom of people and companies to create a better future by realizing the freedom aluminum provides. Welcome to Aleris.

Aleris Aluminium GmbH

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